Espresso Arbor with burlap and Sunflowers

Our Policies

The following is a copy of our contract, please read it through. We are a small mom and pop company, and I will be on site at each setup. This insures you the quality of work, and a beautiful setup.

Please review the items listed above that we have talked about. If you have any questions and or changes, please call or email me and I will make the corrections. You are required to please print, sign, and date a copy and return it to me with $________________ as the retainer, along with a check for $200 for the timeline deposit. The timeline deposit will be returned to you after your event takes place.

Event timeline is as follows: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The balance for your event will be due 60 days prior to the reserved event date. Your date is not officially booked until we receive your retainer, timeline deposit and signed contract. Please make all check out to Cindy Zackman. You may pay with paypal, to using sending funds to family and friends option only. I do not take credit cards. We also except cash, money orders, and direct deposit.

This invoice also serves as the contract between Cindy Zackman of Sweetwater Bamboo Beach Wedding Events and ____________________________________________________________________________________

for the items listed above to be delivered and set up at the location listed on the contract.

If inclement weather prevents us from setting up outside, ( thunder, lightening, or moderate to heavy rain, please have an alternate inside location pre selected for us to set up. We reserve the right to make this call. Please note that we will need at least 9’ ceilings for inside setups. and that decision will need to be made by 9 am the morning of your event.

The arbor and seating will be completely setup 30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time you provide us with. We will allow 30 minutes for the ceremony, and 1 hour after the completion of the ceremony for you to take pictures and breakdown. It is important that your event start on time. We must all adhere to our time line schedule, as there are other vendors coming in behind us working to make this day for you unforgettable. We will take an additional deposit of $200, which is refundable and will be returned to you after your event is over. $100 per each 30 minutes past the scheduled timeline will be deducted from the $200.00 deposit. Do not confuse the deposit with the retainer. The retainer is the guarantee for your date and time of your ceremony and is non refundable for any reason. We suggest you speak with your photographer about the specific timeline so that they can take any photos you want with the arbor prior to any beach photos you will be doing.

For pre arranged inside setups, the arbor rental is $800 which includes the setup and the break down. We do not issue refunds for any reason, as we are reserving this arbor for you and have no control over the weather or other factors.

Additional items such as bench seating and or flowers will require an additional deposit and are also non refundable. Thank you for trusting us with your business. We will do everything possible to make your wedding day stress free and most enjoyable. This contract will expires in 10 days from the date issued.

We do offer payment plans if needed, and we can set that up for you through automatic payments.

You are responsible for obtaining all required event beach permits needed.

For Wrightsville beach, please request a vehicle permit for Sweetwater for 2 hours prior to your event time to allow for setup time, and for 2 hours after your event time to allow for the ceremony, photos and for breakdown time. If you would like us to pull the permit for your event at Wrightsville Beach, we are happy to do so, and we can include that cost with your quote.